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It's time to legalize and regulate common cannabis consumption in Oregon

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What does common cannabis consumption mean for Oregon?

What is the New Revenue Coalition?

The New Revenue Coalition is a Political Action Committee comprised of cannabis industry businesses and allies with the mission of legalizing common consumption spaces for cannabis in Oregon. Oregon’s legalization law has created thousands of jobs and generated millions of dollars in new revenue for the state. Unfortunately, for both business and individual consumers, large gaps exist, which when filled would allow the industry to function smoothly and do away with legal gray areas.

Why common cannabis consumption?

Currently, too many individuals are without a place to safely and legally utilize cannabis due to restrictions on rental units and low-income housing, an issue that disproportionately impacts the poor and communities of color. By creating a legal pathway to open and license common consumption spaces, Oregonians will have regulated establishments where adults can responsibly use cannabis away from the public and without jeopardizing their housing.

How will this benefit Oregonians?

Our legislative efforts will also include cannabis tours similar to those conducted by Oregon’s successful microbreweries and vineyards, a process for licensed retail businesses to deliver cannabis products to adults staying in participating hotels, and legal-use establishments in areas that prohibit commercial cannabis businesses. This will ensure equitable access to legal consumption, enhance Oregon tourism, create industry jobs, and generate additional revenue for state and local governments.

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