Haute Pot: How High-End California Chefs Are Cashing In On Marijuana

From NPR.org:

Leave it to California to combine high-end cuisine with the kind of ingredients that might actually get you high. It’s an increasingly lucrative niche for chefs in San Francisco and Los Angeles — cities already well known for trendy food culture.

Chefs and entrepreneurs making cannabis-infused foie gras and “stoner souffles” have been featured on not one but two series devoted to gourmet ganja: the Netflix competition program, Cooking On High, and the Viceland show Bong Appetit.

Bong Appetit is coming out with a cookbook this fall. One of its contributors, co-host Vanessa Lavorato, owns Marigold Sweets, a “cannabis confiserie” in Los Angeles specializing in handmade, organic, pot-infused truffles. She says a challenge for chefs working with legal cannabis is the newfangled alchemy of dosing.

“It’s just to add a little bit of herb,” Lavorato says. “It doesn’t even need to get you high. It shouldn’t overwhelm you.”


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