September 25, 2018

The Bill

New Revenue Coalition Common Consumption Bill Summary


It’s time to legalize and regulate common consumption cannabis businesses in Oregon!

Legalization in Oregon has created thousands of jobs and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue, but we can do even better. By licensing common consumption businesses, Oregonians will have regulated establishments where adults can responsibly use cannabis while creating even more jobs, generating more revenue and providing more opportunity for small Oregon businesses to access new markets.

In addition to allowing licensed and regulated cannabis consumption cafe and lounge establishments for adults, this proposal will also legalize tours similar to those conducted by our state’s microbrewery and winery industry and allow licensed retail businesses to deliver to adults staying in hotels and into cities and counties that prohibit regulated cannabis businesses.

More importantly, too many Oregonians are without a safe place to legally consume due to restrictions placed upon their housing situation, an issue that disproportionately impacts the poor and communities of color. We need to accommodate Oregonians across all demographics and bring more equity into our system. Publicly accommodating responsible, adult cannabis consumers is great step forward for our state.


New Revenue Coalition Legislative Priorities:

1. By Legalizing Cannabis Consumption Cafes we will…

  • Allow retailers to add tasting and consumption spaces to their businesses
  • Allow stand-alone cafes where consumers can share their own
  • Allow for sales and consumption to occur on licensed cannabis farms, similar to winery tours today
  • Allow for new business models such as cannabis spas, bud and breakfasts, and create opportunities for more business development and more tourism dollars to flow to our state

2. And Create Temporary Event Licenses

  • Allow for regulated cannabis consumption spaces at public events, just like alcohol

3. And Create Opportunity for Farm Tourism

  • Allows for tourism and a new revenue stream for licensed farmers by clearing up existing gray areas in the law and bringing the cannabis industry closer to the winery model

4. Expand Deliveries

  • Allow for deliveries to occur at participating hotels and temporary residences


For more questions, to join our coalition, or to make a financial contribution to our campaign please contact: Sam Chapman //